ThermoyapThermoyap is a cement based, one component, lightweight, ready-to-use admixture adhesive mortar produced by American advanced technology. Thermoyap is a high performance, eco-friendly product made of 98% inorganic products.

-C1TE class high strength adhesive mortar.

-It is a non-combustible material of class A1 (750 ° C). It does not release fireproof and harmful to human health during building fires.

-Lightness is very small thanks to its feature. Does not deform in hot and cold and frost resistant.

– It is used for bonding of coating materials such as floor and wall ceramics, natural stone, travertine and decorative covering bricks.

– Excellent results are achieved in horizontal and vertical applications in indoor and outdoor environments.

– Suitable for use in very cold and hot environments or in areas subject to continuous water.

– Cold storage rooms, swimming pools, water tanks, open and closed terraces are used in shopping centers where there is heavy pedestrian and freight traffic and in hospitals.

-Water insulation feature can be used safely in wet volumes of buildings.

– The material is light. In the same surface area, 4 bags of classic adhesive mortars are used and 1 bag of thermoyapyether is used for the same surface area.

Thanks to its low consumption feature, it provides bonding in more areas with less material. Saving time and labor can only be achieved by using Thermoyap.

– The packaging is recyclable.