Thermosap is a lightweight, ready-to-use insulation insulation that provides a wide range of insulation with a single layer application. Thermosap is a high performance, eco-friendly product made of 98% inorganic products. It is the world’s only green apple certified insulation board produced by American technology.

-T2 class (λ = 0,11 W / mK) thermal insulation feature provides a high rate of heat savings in buildings in summer and winter months. Does not deform in hot and cold.

-It is a non-combustible material of class A1 (750 ° C). It does not release fireproof and harmful to human health during building fires.

– It has breathable property thanks to its porous structure. It prevents the formation of moisture, mold and fungus in the indoor environment, thus ensuring a healthy and hygienic environment.

-Style structure is based on human traffic load. The screed applications do not suffer from cracking or crushing.

– Provides sound insulation in buildings and provides a comfortable life indoors by preventing the disturbing sounds coming from outside and other volumes.

-Water insulation feature provides waterproofing in wet volumes of buildings.

– Lightweight material and reduces building load. In the application area of ​​1000m2 screed is about 80.000kg lighter than the other classic screed applications.

-It is antibacterial, does not contain any carcinogenic and radioactive material, since there is no petroleum-derived material in it.

-When application, primer, mesh and no other screed is required. Only the application of Thermosap saves time and labor.

– The packaging is recyclable.