Who are we ?
Founded in 2006, our company has started to develop and produce environmentally friendly products that do not harm human health and nature to be used in the insulation of buildings. After the R & D studies conducted in our laboratories in cooperation with various universities, we started to produce insulation plaster made of expanded glass. Insulation should not be considered as thermal insulation only. The materials to be used in building insulations should provide sound and water insulation as well as thermal insulation. Our products, which have all these features, also allow users to save money by reducing their costs. Our company, as a healthy alternative to FOAM systems that threaten human health because of containing flammable and carcinogenic substances produced with petroleum derivative raw materials for the purpose of insulation of buildings, has brought the NEW GENERATION GREEN GLAZING technologies to the insulation sector with the components obtained from the recycling and recycling of scrap glass. Light weight with its inorganic component structure, maximum level of sound insulation (high water vapor permeability resistant, A1 class fireproof, TS EN 3820) is T1 Class Construction Material under TS EN 998-1 Standard. In the production of our products, instead of raw materials such as perlite and pumice, expanded glass beads produced with German technology are used. Our products are the world’s first and only GREEN APPLE certified insulation plasters. It is also the only GREEN INSULATION product adopted in the UK by GREEN SPEC and the German Engineers Association in Germany. Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, OSB, Brick, Stone Building, Betopan, Wood and Glass surfaces, Aerated concrete, Bims, can easily be applied on old and historical building surfaces. Since the coarse plaster thin plaster and insulation processes are solved by a single process (glazing method), it also saves time as well as being products produced with natural raw materials.